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       B E W A R E !      

BEWARE  OF UNLICENSED  MOVERS!   They may provide you with a lower estimate than a licensed mover, however, licensed movers must meet various insurance, safety and financial standards.   In the unfortunate event that something gets lost or damaged, unlicensed movers have the tendancy to simply "disappear."

Unlicensed movers do not carry the insurance a licensed mover is required to carry.  Did you know that if you use an unlicensed mover and he gets hurt on your property, you could be sued and financially responsible for his injuries?  This is why licensed movers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance, in addition to various other insurance policies.

Unlicensed movers are, yahoo,,, craigslist, newspapers, etc...  Almost all of them claim in their ads and websites to be licensed and insured but in fact are not.  Don't take unnecessary risks by using a mover who won't give you an address, phone number or license number. 

You can verify a mover's license by calling (800) 786-5368 or e-mail 

We urge you to take this extra step no matter which mover you choose.